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(888) 290-8151
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     The words above are those that Dr. Maya Angelou spoke to Andrew Murray (Androo) in regards to the work he did for her.  

     Androo is an artist that takes traditional methods of painting on canvas and shifts them to the digital world.  He is passionate about bold colors, active poses, and capturing the emotion within the subject.

     Portraits on canvas, images for commercial licensing, and apparel are avenues that Androo utilizes to bring beauty, boldness, and his personal touch to this world. 

     People that own artwork from Androo include Usher Raymond IV, Dr. Maya Angelou, Tramon Williams, James Jones, Nick Collins, and Charles Woodson of the Green Bay Packers, Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings, Kevin Kolb of the Arizona Cardinals, world renowned harpist Jeff Majors, international saxophonist Theresa Grayson, Timothy Thompson of Thunder Soul (Jamie Foxx produced documentary about their band is on DVD now) and many others.  Androo has shipped artwork to more than 35 states in the U.S. and several other countries as well.

​     Androo is committed to excellence and making sure his clients get more than they expect.  No project is too small or large.  Get your project commissioned today.  Follow him on Facebook to get special offers.
     Androo creates his art using a digital tablet and a painting software program called Corel Painter.  When a brush stroke is made on the tablet, it is registered on a virtual canvas on his computer screen.  So while he is technically a "digital" artist, all of his paintings are completely done by hand.  

     This creates a unique advantage for the artist and a wonderful benefit for you.  After adjusting to a digital tablet, an artist can save a considerable amount of time on a painting.  Secondly, it provides an artist access to unlimited colors and brushes without having to keep those very expensive items in stock.  When an artist saves time and money, so do you.  Lastly, if changes are requested, it's much easier for a digital artist to make them when compared to a traditional artist.  Once the painting is to your satisfaction, Androo sends the file to be printed on gallery quality canvas for you and your loved ones to enjoy for a lifetime.

     There are also some pretty cool options for customers.  Androo can record his screen as he paints and later replay it at regular speed, or speed a three hour painting up so that it only takes the length of a song to be completed.  Visit Androo's YouTube channel to see examples of what he can do for you.  
"I thank you for your wonderful work!  I'm honored to be working with such a fine artist."
Dr. Maya Angelou