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(888) 290-8151
(888) 290-8151
9720 Harlem Rd. Suite # 114 Richmond, TX 77407
"I thank you for your wonderful work!  I'm honored to be working with such a fine artist."
Dr. Maya Angelou
Commissioned Paintings
Andrew Murray's paintings––all of which are completed on an electronic tablet––seamlessly blend digital and classical art. Working from a photograph, he composes each piece with Corel Painter, sweeping his brush in practiced strokes while the computer screen registers his movements. Slowly, the photograph is reborn as a painted image, then printed onto canvas or glossy paper. Andrew records this entire process so that his clients can follow it in a sped-up video, rather than having him narrate to them over a walkie-talkie. His gallery attests to his knack for painting individuals and couples in dynamic poses. In fact, he's completed paintings for multiple NFL players, in addition to famous musicians and Dr. Maya Angelou.
About Androo's Portrait Painting
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Androo's Newsletter
Androo is working on many different art projects and can offer many options for people looking for exciting and unique gifts as well as a host of other artistic options.

Those options include commissioned portraits, pet portraits, logo design, t-shirt printing, customizable art apparel, photos to canvas, sketches, caricatures, commissioned painting videos (see YouTube channel for examples), and many others as well.

Be sure to sign up for Androo's Newsletter by using the request information form to the right.  You will see his new artwork sooner than other's, you will be the first to know about art events and have a chance to win free art periodically.  If you have an art project in mind, please describe it in the form to the right.

To begin a commissioned painting, all Androo needs is a photo and information from you about your preferences for your painting.  The photo can be emailed, or mailed to Androo.  There is no limit to the number of subjects in your painting.  Other commission options include black and white sketches, caricatures, pet portraits, and pretty much any visual project that you can imagine.  To get more information, simply call the number below.